Firstly, you may well be asking, what are positive affirmations and what can they do for me? There is no big secret here to share with you – affirmations are just sentences which are aimed to have an effect on both the conscious and subconscious mind. It’s the words which are important – when you write an affirmation your brain begins to react in a certain way.

So what do affirmations do?

  • They help to motivate the mind
  • They keep you focused on the end goal
  • They will influence your subconscious, activating the immense powers which are there, waiting to be released
  • They will change both the way in which you think and the way you behave towards yourself and other people. This can help attract new, positive people into your life who will also have a positive effect on you attaining your goals
  • Positive statements draw positivity to you, making you feel not only positive, but also energetic and active, wanting to try and do new things. This puts you in the enviable position of being able to transform not only the way in which you relate to yourself, but also how you relate to others.

List of Positive AffirmationsThe words used are important because they create related mental images – and so the choice of words should be inspiring and serve to both energize and motivate you to behave or react in a desired fashion. Repeating these affirmations will affect the way your subconscious mind works which will then influence your behavior, as well as creating new positive habits and reactions.

Many people have a tendency to talk to themselves in a way which would be unacceptable, if someone else was uttering those words. Why do we allow ourselves to have an inner conversation which would not be tolerated if someone else was saying these things to us? Every time you tell yourself that you can’t do something, you are making that statement come true – you are ‘training’ your subconscious to be negative. That in turn draws negative energy towards you and you are in danger of being stuck in a downward spiral of negativity and ‘can’t do anything’ attitude. This can have a huge impact on your enjoyment (or lack of it) in your life. No-one wants to talk to someone who has a ‘hang-dog’ expression and who always seem to feel sorry for themselves – it’s not attractive to anyone.

When do I use Affirmations?

  • Make sure to devote set times during the day when you are free to concentrate, and repeat at will
  • Say them wherever you are – it doesn’t matter, just as long as you repeat them


Before starting to say them, make sure that you really want what you are about to affirm – remember these are powerful phrases. Don’t allow doubts to creep in as these will stand in the way of you moving forward. Make sure that you are positive in your thoughts and speech when you affirm – say it with love and faith that it will work. Imagine and believe that what you desire will be fulfilled. Positive thoughts attract positive energy.

The mind will naturally allow doubts and negative thoughts to creep in, especially when your current situation is far removed from the one you want to achieve. Continue with perseverance and don’t allow negative thoughts or doubts to get the better of you.

Create your own list of Positive Affirmations

Before you make your personal list of positive affirmations, you need to think about which behaviors you would like to change. What is about you that you think isn’t working for you right at this moment in time? Where do you think you are falling short in life? It’s important that you identify these factors before you go any further. (And don’t worry if you’re not sure what isn’t working for you, I will include some general affirmations which will apply to most people.)

Okay, when you have your list of what you are doing which isn’t working for you, you can then begin to tailor the suggested affirmations below to your own particular situation.

Affirmations you can tailor to your own needs and wants

If you feel lonely or sad:

  • I can strongly feel the love of those no longer with me
  • I take great pleasure in solitude
  • I am too great a gift to everyone in this world to allow feeling of self-pity
  • I love and approve of myself – I am a good person

If you feel insignificant:

  • I am one of a kind and am unique
  • I have wonderful brightness to offer to the world
  • I do matter and what I offer the world is significant
  • I am one in 7 billion unique people and no-one is as good at being me as me

When things are tough at work:

  • My work is enjoyable and fulfilling
  • I create my own success in my career
  • I do meaningful and rewarding work
  • My work impacts on this world in a positive way

If you can’t sleep:

  • Peaceful sleep is waiting for me
  • I let go of the false images which are in my head
  • I release all thoughts until the morning
  • I embrace the peacefulness and quiet waiting for me
  • I will sleep deeply this night

When you’re worried about the future:

  • I let go of all worries draining my energy
  • Plans for my future are both smart and calculated
  • I am a magnet for money and attract wealth and abundance into my life
  • I am in sole charge of planning my future
  • I trust my ability to provide abundance for my family

If your loved ones don’t support your dreams:

  • I always follow my dreams
  • I ask my loved ones to support, and believe in, my dreams
  • I answer questions without becoming defensive
  • My loved ones still love me even if they don’t understand my dreams
  • I accept others as they are while I continue to pursue my dreams

Now you have the general idea of what affirmations are all about, you are ready to compile your own list of positive affirmations.