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Hi there, my name is Wayne and I am on an ongoing quest to improve both myself and my life through the medium of self-development.

My father was one of 8 children, brought up in a poor Catholic family and spent periods of time in care – he struggled academically and left school with no qualifications.  Despite the obstacles he faced, he never allowed himself to be directed down the wrong path. Although he had his shortcomings they were easily outweighed by his will to succeed, his motivation, drive, and phenomenal self-belief. During my early childhood he ran a successful roofing and property development business, as well as buying and selling cars. As a result of this, he managed to achieve a level of success to benefit our family.

Unfortunately to realise his success it was necessary for him to sacrifice a lot. He worked for a relentless 18 hours a day, missing out on important family time, and struggling to relax at the end of the day. His aim was to retire at age 50 and to allow his assets work for him, with enough money to enjoy the remainder of his years. And then came the bombshell – at the young age of 43 my father was diagnosed with stomach cancer. In the four years that followed he had three major operations and went through several courses of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.  At the age of 47 he was given the devastating news that nothing further could be done for him and he was given just two weeks to live.

Whilst my father was fighting cancer my eldest brother was expecting his first child, (my dad’s first grandchild.) The baby was due in the 6 weeks following my father’s brutal prognosis. His final challenge was to contradict the surgeon’s expectations and to stay around long enough to see his first grandchild. He battled through an excruciating 6 weeks of pain and discomfort, but managed to achieve his final challenge – he met his first grandchild, a little girl called Sophie. My dad had always wanted a daughter but ironically ended up with four sons. It was almost as though it was meant to be. He sadly passed away a week later, at home with his family around him, never realising his dream of enjoying an early retirement. Whilst this was, of course, a very sad time in my life, it did show me several things – just how incredible we are as human beings, and that you have the power to achieve anything when you are both focused and determined.

My dad’s passing taught me some very important lessons in life, prompting me to look into how to be the best I could be, and how to be more effective, using my time wisely, and being able to realise my dreams. The reason I created this site was to help people just like you. In order to do this, I am going to share my personal experiences and the lessons I have learned on my self-improvement journey so far.

We will naturally cover the following four topics:

1) Motivation
2) Self-Improvement
3) Productivity
4) Health and Fitness

I would ask that if anything I say captures your interest that you kindly get involved within my site. I love to share my experiences with Motivation, Self-Improvement, Productivity and Health and Fitness and if you have anything interesting that you want to share or opinions on the content I have created on this site, please do speak up. I love feedback in any shape or form.

So now to me…

I am 37 years old, married and have a beautiful 7 month-old daughter. I left education when I was 17 to go into full time work.  I have worked my way up from serving in a chip shop to a senior manager in a FTSE100 company. Whilst I am thankful and proud of what I have achieved so far, I can’t stop myself from searching for more success and finding ways to get more from life.

My aim is to live life on my own terms, love what I do each day, and achieve the work/life balance which many of us are striving for. The only way to do this is through self-improvement and being the best you possibly can be. I invest a lot of my time following the most inspirational people in the world, learning how they use their time to realise both happiness and success.

I have learned how to keep myself highly motivated using simple frameworks, keeping myself fit and healthy, and harnessing self-belief to meet clear objectives I set for myself.

If you ever need any feedback or support regarding areas of self-improvement you may be struggling with, I would be more than happy to connect. Simply leave your comment below and make sure you visit this site regularly, as I am always updating it with amazing ideas, techniques and information that I come across which I am certain you will find interesting and captivating.



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