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Enjoying good health and fitness
levels means so much more than simply being the right weight for your height or fitting into a pre-determined scale, such as BMI, (body Mass Index,) as decided by faceless doctors. Good health encompasses many factors, including:

  • Having a healthy diet and feeding your body great nutrients
  • Exercising regularly, not in a bid to become super-athletic, but to create good breathing, great sleep and to engender a feeling of well-beingEnjoying Health and Fitness
  • Having a healthy mind and surrounding yourself with positivity – being exposed to negative energy will only drag you down
  • Making sure to manage stress levels – stress can be a killer and it’s something which is avoidable, a lot of the time

In my health and fitness section I will cover all the above aspects, starting with a healthy diet and I will share some helpful hints, tips and recipes to assist you with feeding your body good, wholesome foods, as well as shopping on a budget and how to create great meals for the family with what you have available in the store cupboard – an essential ‘art’ when money is in short supply. You will also learn that all calories are not equal – 1,000 calories of empty, carbohydrate-laden sugary foods will not satisfy you in the same way that 1,000 calories of lean protein and fresh vegetables/salad and fruit would.

In the exercise section I will show you how it is possible to fit in structured exercise in a fun and easy way if you are not the kind of person who enjoys going to the gym on a regular basis. Exercise can easily be worked into your schedule and as long as you are persistent and consistent, then you will see some great results. You will also benefit from being able to enjoy a much better sleep pattern and wake up feeling refreshed, instead of still being tired – this has the added bonus that your motivation levels will soar, allowing you to get your day off to a great start.

Having a healthy mind is something which works hand in hand with having a healthy body – positive people get much further in life than those who allow negativity to color their view of life. If you take a look at some of the most successful people on the planet you will find that they are great advocates of the power of positive thought, and always surround themselves with like-minded people.

Stress raises the levels of all kinds of nasty hormones which we really would rather not have floating around our bodies. Back in cave man days, times were different – you had to either fight to save your own life or run if the chances of you winning a fight didn’t look too good! This resulted in the body producing the hormone adrenaline, (literally, the ‘fight or flight’ hormone,) which is responsible for all sorts of nasty things happening to your heart and circulation. Learn how to manage your stress levels, even if it’s impossible to completely eradicate them.

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