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Motivation is essential

Why is motivation essential?

Because without it, you would have no reason to even get up every day. Motivation is different for each of us – some people can easily get out of bed at the first ring of the alarm clock, jump in the shower and head off for a full day’s work and then there are those who struggle to even push back the bedcovers, and think that ‘it’s all too much like hard work’. Where are you on that scale?

Motivation is essentialIn almost every aspect of life you will come across new challenges which you haven’t faced before – some of these may appear to be insurmountable mountains, which you think you will never be able to scale and so you give up before even trying to get to the first stage, never mind the peak! So how do you find that spark, that ‘push’ that will make you give it a try?


Some of the challenges you face may seem only small to those around you, but if you are scared or wary of even trying, then it doesn’t matter how big they are. Motivation is essential if you are going to climb your personal ‘mountains’ and it is a skill which can be learned. You will partly need to change the way you think and this can be helped with the use of positive affirmations which can help you to change the way your brain works by encouraging it into a different mind-set.

Phrases such as ‘every journey begins with a single step’ or ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ are generic statements which can help you to take that first step and begin to move forwards, but motivational affirmations crank things up a gear. You will get to know the power of affirmations, such as ‘I am able to face all challenges head on’ and ‘my only option is to be successful – I cannot and will not allow anything to change that’. Can you see the difference?

Motivation can come in many forms and for most of you who wish to be successful in business, as well as life, can gain great motivation by just looking at those people who are around you. Do you have children and/or a partner? Do you want to create a better future for them? Do you have a friend who is down on their luck and you would dearly love to be able to assist them financially? THERE is your motivation, right there. Helping others is also extremely rewarding and helps to engender a sense of satisfaction and well-being in those who help.

But if you are still struggling to come up with some much-needed motivation, be sure to read further posts which will cover different aspects of the power of motivation and how it can change your life when you change your mind-set.

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