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What is productivity?
How would you view it? Do you know how to effectively manage your time so that you accomplish everything you set out to do? Do you have the ability to prioritise the set tasks, knowing what is urgent as opposed to important? Can you stay focused on the end goal or do you have the tendency to get side-tracked?

That’s quite a list of things to think about there, isn’t it? But I don’t want you to worry about it seeming to be an insurmountable list because I will show you step by step how to get the most out of each and every day. Even as you’re reading this and thinking about what has to be done, there may be a tendency for your mind to be wandering and you may be thinking about checking out Facebook or having a look at YouTube – STOP!


Have you heard the saying that ‘procrastination is the thief of time’? We are all guilty of this to some degree – the mind tells you that if a task is going to be boring, or take a lot of time, or simply too much ‘stuff’ to get your head around, then you automatically look for the ‘easy way out’. No-one wants to spend time doing boring stuff, but unfortunately it’s a necessity, so the faster you accept that fact, the faster my work with you will begin to make sense.

Time management: This is a crucial skill to learn whether you work for a boss or yourself. It’s too easy to tell yourself that you will begin something in five minutes when you know that you’re just putting off what has to be done. That five minutes quickly escalates into ‘half an hour’, ‘after lunch’, ‘3 o’clock’, etc. etc. Before you know it, it’s time to finish work and the task is still not done.

Urgent or important? It’s the same thing, right? Wrong! When something is time sensitive it becomes ‘urgent’; when something needs to be done, it’s ‘important’ and you will need to learn how to identify and prioritise which task needs to come first on your list. Once you have mastered this art, your work day will become a lot more focused and you will be able to work through things in the correct order – believe me, the sense of satisfaction you will get at this stage cannot be underestimated; it’s a wonderful feeling and goes a long way to helping you to feel less pressurised.

Goal setting: Are you used to just meandering through your day, doing things in a sporadic manner, with no clear end goal in sight? I will show you how to structure your day so that you get more work done, in less time and still allow for breaks etc. Goal setting is extremely important – without it you can tell yourself you’re being productive, but still have nothing to show for it.

Learn with me and you will become a productive person who still has time for pleasure!

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